Know yourself.

The point of life isn’t to collect stuff.
It’s not to fall in love, or have sex, or make money, or even to care for other people.
It’s not about self-sacrafice, or the achievement of higher values.
It has nothing to do with god(s), ghosts, ancestor spirits, or worship.
It’s not about dogma, or law, or morality.
It’s not even about learning or self-improvement.

Life is about self-discovery.

The older you are the more of yourself you discover, like sweeping dust off a multi-dimensional, interactive portrait. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, that’s why you
have to DIS-cover it. To discover yourself means to remove all your masks and pretensions, to forget all your desires, forget about how you want things to be and
accept things as they are. You can’t change what you find (we all find the same thing in the end) but you can decide the sequence and method of your own discovery. Funnilly enough, from the outside, it looks like a process of becoming and creating. It looks like success. But you don’t do it because you want to be successful. You do it because you want to know the truth. Truth at any price. Truth or bust. Rock bottom.

We are discovering and we are becoming, we are doing and it’s being done to us. The grammatical construction makes no difference. The philosophical debates are fading
echos in an infinite wind. Indescernable, meaningless.

Words don’t produce meaning, they acknowledge it.

These words aren’t emparting you with any new meaning. They contain no useful information. Yet they’re awakening something in your soul. They’re helping you to discover what you already know, who you already are.


You have known it all your life. It’s in your dna. It’s only enough to admit it to yourself. To give yourself the moments admiration you deserve. Because you’ve been through a lot. You’ve overcome hardships others can’t even fathom. And each mistake, each failure, each fall has made you stronger. You learned everytime, you got up every time, you got better every, fucking time!

You don’t do it because you want to, you don’t do it for the praise or the glory, you don’t do it to help others. You do it, because you have to know. You have to know what’s at the end of the road. And if the road should have no end, then you yourself will have no end, and you will be rising and falling for all eternity. The everlasting sun.